Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the test I purchased for the passenger transferable to my name?

    Unfortunately, the test is purchased for the named passenger. It is not transferable/refundable

  • Why does the prices of the test vary between clinics?

    The prices are dictated by the clinics and may vary from location to location

  • If I do not want to wait for my results, can the clinic email the results to me?

    Yes, you can request for the clinic to send you the results via email. However, please ensure that you have a hardcopy for your travel as this required by the airline and country of destination.


  • Is there a tax payable for the purchase of the COVID 19 Screening test?

    Yes, all purchases are subjected to a 6% Sales and Service Tax imposed by the government

  • What do I need to produce at the clinic to confirm the test/s that I have purchased?

    Please show the clinic staff the confirmation email you received or

      • Mention the name of the airline you are travelling on 
      • Provide them your IC for verification
      • Provide your booking reference number
  • What happens if I cannot find my confirmation email?

    Please contact CompuMed's Call Centre at 03-2089 3818 or Fill Up the Contact Us Form.

  • Can I ask the clinic for an ‘express’ turnaround time for PCR test?

    Some clinics may be able to accommodate your request but this may incur additional charges which you will need to make additional payment to the clinic.